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Traction Motor

  Bharath electric motors is leading supplier of traction motors, traction motor repair, traction motor parts equipmentand services. Our traction motors operate passenger rail cars and locomotives

Bharath electric motors manufactures thousands of OEM traction motors annually, delivering them on time all over the world. Call us today to better understand our capabilities and find out why the worlds leading companies transit authorities and transit vehicle manufacturers by providing quality workmanship with honesty and integrity of combined experience.

Our Products
DC Shunt Machines
DC Series Machines
DC Compound Machines
Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
AC Repulsion Motor
Universal Motor for AC Repulsion
Single Phase AC Induction Motor
Slipring Motor
Synchronous Motor
Brushless Alternatrs
Traction Motor
Solor DC Pumps
Windmill Generator
Resistive Load Bank
Single Phase Transformer
Three Phase Transformer
DC Loading Arrangement
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